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Tuft Crowd Workshop

Small 50 x 50cm Tufting Experience

Small 50 x 50cm Tufting Experience

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Unlock Your Creative Potential with Our Tufting Experience!

Schedule an appointment to explore a curated selection of designs, acquire the essential skills, and craft your personalized tufted masterpiece.

Tailored to accommodate all levels of expertise, this distinctive experience encourages you to interlace, connect, and fashion enduring memories.

During your 3-hour tufting experience, you can expect:

  • An initiation into the operation of an electric tufting gun, accompanied by a detailed demonstration to impart the artistry of tufting.  
  • Access to a diverse array of over 100 colours of yarn, available for selection on the day of your workshop. 
  • Dedicated time to expertly tuft your masterpiece.
  • Precision trimming and shaving techniques to add the final touches to your tufting masterpiece. 

Under the guidance of our seasoned tufting professionals, you will depart with a bespoke 50x50cm tufting frame meticulously crafted by your own hands.

Secure your spot today and embark on a journey of unparalleled artistic expression.

Please Note:

  • Design Submission Deadline: Kindly ensure that you send us your design a minimum of 24 hours prior to the commencement of your workshop. For detailed instructions, refer to our guidelines.  
  • Extended Time Request: If you require additional time to consult with the shop assistant on the day of the workshop, you may request an extension for your tufting project. Please note that there may be additional charges associated with this
  • Group Bookings: For detailed information on group bookings, please contact us via email
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