About Tufting

It is my first time tufting. What can I expect?

Welcome to tufting! Whether you're new or experienced, our workshops cater to all. No
prior skills are needed—just bring your enthusiasm!

Our expert instructors will guide you through the basics, providing materials to bring your vision to life.

Get ready for a unique creative journey!

Can I make a rug of any design I want?

Absolutely!We recommend keeping your design simple. Detailed elements such as thin lines or small writing might be tough to translate onto the rug.

Once you submit your design, we'll review it and suggest simplifications if needed.

Our aim is to ensure your vision shines through while guaranteeing a great result.

How long does it take to make a rug?

The time to finish your rug depends on detail and pace.

Our tutors will guide you throughout, aiming for completion within the workshop timeframe. They'll provide step-by-step guidance, tips, and help tackle any challenges.

Our goal? A beautiful rug and a fulfilling experience! Dive in, follow our tutors' lead, and be amazed by your rug's progress by the workshop's end.

Will I be able to take my rug home at the end of the workshop?

After tufting, trim the excess yarn and attach the backing fabric. Your rug will be ready to use! If any repairs are needed, we're dedicated to finding the best solution.

Please give us a week for any fixes before collecting your rug. Your satisfaction matters most, so feel free to contact us with any concerns or needs during this process.

Booking Related

What is the minimum age to attend a tufting workshop?

Welcome, ages 10 and up! If you can handle our 1.4kg tufting gun and follow simple instructions, you're ready to join us.

For those under 16, just make sure to bring along an adult to supervise.

For the younger ones under 10, while they can't use the tufting gun themselves, they're more than welcome to help with designing and giving tufting a try under supervision.

Safety is key—we ensure a secure environment around machinery.

Join the fun—observe or tuft alongside your child for an enriching experience. Let's craft together at our creative tufting workshop!

What if I can’t complete the rug with the stipulated time?

Completing your rug might take time, and that's okay! You're welcome to stay longer for a satisfying experience. Need more time? Just ask our tufting mentors for an extension—they're here to help.There will be a R145/hour overtime fee.

Additional finishing services for rugs are available upon request,with fees varying based on specific requirements.

Your satisfaction matters; we want you to be proud of your rug. Reach out to our mentors for support. Enjoy your tufting journey!

I would like to book a workshop at a certain date/time that is not clickable. What should I do?

This means we are fully booked or hired for a private event. Please keep an eye on our website as we release more spaces if there are any cancellations.

I’m planning a private event that will include tufting workshops. Where can I book?

We host private events for groups for special occasions.

Please email us at tuftcrowdza@gmail.com to discuss your perfect tufting event!

What is the maximum number of people for a private event?

Due to safety reasons, we can host a maximum of 14 people tufting at once and 10 non-tufting individuals for events, totaling 24 people.

Please email us at tuftcrowdza@gmail.com to discuss your perfect tufting event!