Unveiling the Artistry of Tufting: Weaving Threads of Creativity


About Us

Mission and Values

TUFT CROWD's mission is to inspire creativity and make tufting enjoyable for everyone by providing unforgettable experiences. We prioritize personalization, professionalism, and believe that every DIY rug carries its own unique significance and memories.

Course Experience

At TUFT CROWD, our goal is to allow you to focus solely on the creative process, leaving the post-session cleanup to us. We provide all the necessary materials and offer professional guidance throughout. In our studio, all you need to bring is your design, and we'll assist you every step of the way, with cleanup taken care of
by our team.

Uniqueness of DIY

We understand that DIY rugs may not be perfect like industrially produced ones, but it's this imperfection that gives them a unique and memorable quality. Each rug is crafted by your hands, capturing your unique creativity and experiences. At TUFT CROWD, we encourage and cherish the uniqueness of every creation.

Special Occasion Choices

TUFT CROWD is an ideal choice for your dates, birthday parties, and corporate team-building events. Whether you're looking for a romantic date, adding a creative touch to a birthday celebration, or fostering teamwork and creating lasting memories for your team, we provide a venue for fun and unique experiences.

Social Responsibility

TUFT CROWD not only focuses on individual creativity but is also committed to engaging with the community through various social responsibility projects, contributing to the preservation and development of the art of handcrafting.

At TUFT CROWD, let's create beautiful memories together and enjoy the unique tufting journey!