What is Tufting?

Tufting, a wonderful technique used in rug making, is not only easy but also incredibly enjoyable! When you join our workshop, you won't have to worry about a thing. We provide all the necessary materials and will guide you through the fundamentals of tufting.

Before we dive into the creative process, your design will already be sketched onto the fabric canvas, ready for you at your designated workspace. To begin, we will teach you how to operate the tufting gun. This nifty tool allows you to shoot colorful threads of yarn into the primary fabric canvas. You'll have ample time to practice before you embark on creating your very own fluffy masterpiece.

Our experienced tutors will be by your side, offering guidance throughout the process, ensuring you finish in time to take your completed rug home. You will learn the proper technique of tufting, starting from the bottom and working your way to the top. This approach not only helps you maintain direction but also guarantees a smooth and satisfying tufting experience.

When you're finished with the tufting, you'll trim the piece, fold in the edges, and securely attach the backing fabric using a special adhesive. This final step gives your rug a polished and professional finish.

Are you ready to give it a go?