Skip getting equipment and setups. We are here to share all our know-how of tufting


Before Coming in

Choose Your Ideal Size & Prepare Your Design

Here are some tips for you

  • Difficult

    - Small Details

    - Thin & Wavy Lines

    - Sharp Shapes/Boundaries

  • Recommended

    - Bold & Large Shapes

    - Thick & Straight Lines

    - Simple Shapes

  • Difficult

    - Hand Lettering

    - Serif Fonts

    - Thin Outline

  • Recommended

    - Bold Fonts

    - San-Serif Fonts

    - Thick Boundary

  • Difficult

    - Shading

    - Colour Blurs

  • Recommended

    - Large Colour Blocks

During Your Session

Tuft In the Process

  • Sketch Your Design

    You can do free-hand drawing or we can help project it and traced.

  • Pick Your Yarns

    Choose from a wide variety of colours.

  • Start Tufting!

    Learn to operate a tufting gun.

Finalisation Process

  • Glueing

    Application of a Strong Adhesive

  • Backing

    Felt / Non-Slip Fabric

  • Trimming

    General Cleanup / Detail Trimming