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Pre-done Image Tracing Service

Pre-done Image Tracing Service

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We offer a Pre-done Image Tracing Service for customers who prefer not to trace the images themselves.

Kindly confirm the patterns you require us to draw for you in advance via or by contacting our store personnel. 

Please ensure that the patterns are confirmed at least 3 days prior to allow us sufficient time for preparation. Thank you for your cooperation.


This service includes:

1.Image Projection and Tracing: We will project your chosen image onto the tufting fabric and trace it for you.

2. Accuracy and Precision: Our team ensures that the image is accurately and precisely traced, providing a clear guide for your tufting process.

3. Time-Saving: By utilizing this service, you can save time and focus more on the actual tufting experience.



  • Please ensure that your mobile device contains the original design so you can refer to it and choose corresponding colors while tufting. Our studio assistant will only trace the outline of your image onto the tufting fabric without adding any color indications.
  • Once you have confirmed the image for tracing, no further modifications can be made. Ensure the image you provide is final and meets your expectations.
  • To confirm the design, please email our studio assistant with the image you need us to trace.
  • If you need to simplify your design, we recommend doing the tracing yourself. Simplifying a design is subjective, and to avoid any misunderstandings, we suggest you handle this process personally.

This service is designed to enhance your experience and help you create beautiful tufted pieces with ease.

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