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Tuft Crowd

TUFT CROWD AK Elite The Duo Tufting Gun

TUFT CROWD AK Elite The Duo Tufting Gun

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Introducing the AK-DUO Tufting Gun (also known as the AK-PRO), the next-generation powerhouse designed to revolutionize the tufting game. This brand new model combines versatility, precision, and convenience, elevating your tufting experience to new heights.

Featuring duo functionality, the AK-DUO Tufting Gun allows you to create both cut pile and loop pile designs effortlessly. Say goodbye to the dilemma of choosing between the two styles. This tufting gun empowers you to explore various textures and create stunning, customized pieces.

The AK-DUO Tufting Gun is equipped with a wheel featuring preset pile height options. This innovative feature streamlines the process of adjusting pile height, providing greater ease and efficiency during your projects.

Cut and Loop Tufting

Experience the best of both worlds with the AK-DUO Tufting Gun. Cut pile tufting involves the gun cutting the yarn as it is pushed through the cloth, resulting in a longer and more textured finish. Loop pile tufting, on the other hand, maintains uncut loops, creating a condensed and flat appearance. With this versatile tufting gun, you can seamlessly switch between cut and loop styles to suit your creative vision.


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